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It's not always easy to get the fitness results you want and you definitely don't always get what you give. This is never truer than when we are stressed or in situations over which we have limited control.

The stress and unknowns happening worldwide now makes it EVEN HARDER!


I'm here to help change that for you!


Spring is here and its time for you to get your immune system prepared to deal with what lies ahead as all this unfolds.


So, how are we going to do it?

This 28-Day Programme provides you with: 

  • 4-Week Goal Setting Plan

  • 4-Weeks of Delicious Recipes

  • 4-Weeks of LIVE VIRTUAL Training Sessions

  • An online portal for Progress Tracking

  • A private F/B page for support 

  • 4-Weeks of Accountability

  • 4-Weeks of Fun and Socialising!

You are guided through every stage of the 28 day programme with helpful on-line information, hints and health insights, 
Your 28 day meal plan comes fully supported with recipes and weekly made-for-you shopping lists that you can download or view on your phone.
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There's even help on how to get the most from your kitchen and improve your preparations skills. 

If you are ready to bolster your immunity system, fight COVID 19, lose some weight, build muscle, sweat out toxins, and step into your summer body early, you're in the right place!

Price: £89.99
Next programme starts 11th May 2020.
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