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Your Passport to Vibrant Living - Expert Meal Plans, Recipes, Accountability, and Transformative Wellness Challenges 
Healthy Living is About Progress, Not Perfection!

Meal Plans

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Build a collection of amazing meal plans with two new plans or recipe selections every month
Modify the plan to suit you and create a shopping list for your weekly ingredients
Prep in advance for the upcoming week by using the guides
(or don't     )
If you're interested, check out some of the nutrients profiled in your  meal plan and read the supporting science 
Nourish your body with tasty, nutrient rich meals.
Enjoy them at home or on the go, with family or friends

80% Consistency + 20% Keeping it Real = 100% Results  

Are you continually on a diet programme or health "fix"?

Do you hate the daily struggle of deciding what to eat?

Do you want to eat better but tend to buy too much of the "wrong" foods?

Would you like to feel more energised and regain a zest for life?

Do you want a healthier lifestyle without giving up some treats?

If you answered yes to any of these, then

                                              this is for you!

Just think!

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Challenge Yourself to Thrive

And we're not just about balancing your plate!

The 80:20 Club Monthly Challenges will propel you to new heights of health, happiness, and healthier living.


Whether you're joining in the conversation, reading club content or immersing yourself in the challenges, we'll be working on ALL the pillars of health and wellbeing. 





Club Member Comments

I joined for the meal plans and have loved them all. The challenges have been great too. I've lost weight and I feel fantastic. Thank you!   

Nicole F

It's well set out, easy to follow and beautifully managed. I was particularly impressed with the plant based menu - you even got me eating tofu!

Fiona M

Karen’s 80/20 club, is an absolute bargain - full meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, easy to follow prep guides, group chats with a nutritionist and life coach, and the support of each other. It’s never easy to change ingrained habits even when you KNOW they’re not doing you any good. If you’re thinking of trying to do something better for yourself I can’t recommend it highly enough." 

Lauren McS 

I've learnt so much - meal planning, how to shop and even how to eat! Cravings, what cravings? LOL 

Avril P

I feel amazing, not only in terms of physical results, but also in how I feel and the energy I have.
AFTER DINNER (26)_edited.png

Jayne S

The 80:20 Club membership costs £15 per month

Fees are payable in advance via subscription

(note you will not be asked for payment at this stage)   


Achieving optimal health and fitness is not an exact science and the combination of exercise and input to achieve desired results may vary from individual to individual. Following lifestyle, fitness, nutrition and general health tips or programmes contained on this website/blog does not guarantee that you will achieve the desired results or that you will look like images that might be posted on this website/blog.

Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise or diet programme.

This programme is delivered by Karen Lawther NLC and 3F Personal Training

Terms of Use

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