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Diet Analysis

Understand what you're eating.    Nutritional analysis based on your personal food diary 


Why can't you lose weight?

What's causing your lack of energy?  

Why is your training not giving you the results you want?



Diet analysis is perfect for anyone how wants to improve their nutrition or better understand why their current diet is not currently working for them. 

Based on a 3 day diet log (template provided), you will get a comprehensive report and detailed analysis on your current diet. This includes:

  • your Macronutrient (carbohydrate, protein and fats) split and profile, compared to current recommendations for optimal health 

  • your Micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) profile, again compared to current guidelines for optimal health

  • a breakdown of which foods in your current diet are providing your nutrients

  • suggestions for optimising nutrient sources

  • your average daily calorie intake compared to current recommendations for your body and lifestyle needs




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