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HMDS Ready

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

3 days until Half Marathon des Sables, Fuerteventura and the nutrition is sorted!

Freeze dried meals for brekkie & in-camp dinners, liquid lunches, energy powders and snacks packed into 200 calorie servings. Balanced, low weight:calorie ratio, and foods that worked well last year and, again, in training this year.

Fuelling for an ultra is quite different from other events and it's important to pace the intake of calories at regular intervals (ideally every 20 minutes), averaging around 300-600 calories per hour, depending on terrain and individual requirements.

Aside from being transportable, food needs to be easy to digest. low in fibre and, ideally have a carbohydrate:protein ratio of 4:1.

Applying personal learning from last year, I've packed some extra electrolytes. The all natural Veloforte ATTIVO will also provide some additional energy (calories) & caffeine.

A perfect addition to my menu!

Wish me luck!

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