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Hi and thanks for dropping by!  
I'm Karen and I'm really pleased that you're here to find out how I can help you become the most energised, healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

It may be that you want to lose weight, improve your sporting performance or simply improve your general nutrition. Whatever your health and fitness goals, I want to share my  passion for the nutrition and lifestyle skills that can help you deliver your best future self - you know - the confident person who feels healthy, energetic and totally owns their future! 

Who doesn't want to live healthier, for longer?

Regardless of anyone's age, ability, level of fitness or medical history, we can all benefit from being a little more focused on our own well-being. We are all totally unique and that's why I want to place you at the centre of your own journey to better health. I want to inspire and  support you to better understand your body, your individual needs and the massive potential you have for being an even better, healthier you.

I work alongside my husband Gary, a personal trainer and boutique gym owner. Together we offer a range of services to help deliver your desired outcomes and  whether you would like a single session or a longer programme, we have something to suit your individual lifestyle and your appetite for change. 

So, be it for weight loss, improved energy levels, increased activity levels and flexibility, optimising your sleep, better stress management, performance nutrition and the coaching to work through the barriers ..... we've got you!

What is a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach (NLC)?​

Did I already say that I'm an NLC?

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching improves your long term health by providing the advice and support required to make positive lifestyle and behavioural changes. By recognising the unique combination of factors impacting your health, an NLC practitioner will work with you to guide and support you through that change process.

My NLC approach is holistic and includes working with you to co-create a nutrition programme. I also provide the coaching that will ensure you have the motivation and the tools to confidently engage in a long-term health promoting lifestyle. Its all designed to deliver our optimum health and well-being.

I also offer a number of less bespoke programmes which are currently designed with a focus on healthy weight loss and long term sustainable lifestyle choices.  

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Recent Blog Posts 

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"I have tried so many other diet plans but never understood the impact my lifestyle had on my weight. I have learned so much"                                                                                                                       Jenny

"Karen is an absolute star! Do not hesitate to contact her, your only regret will be you didn't get in touch sooner!"  


"My energy levels have improved so much and I'm really enjoying my meal plans."                                                                                                                                                                         Susan 

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