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Is there a BEST diet?

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Has an individual, a friend, or maybe even a group or page that you follow ever scared you into following their diet? Or have you been fooled into thinking a particular diet was oh-so-easy?

We continually see claims and counter claims for diets:

▶️ Keto followers may claim carbs are the root cause of obesity.

▶️ Vegans often refer to the moral integrity of a plant based diet, how meat causes disease as well as global warming.

▶️ Carnivore dieters may believe that meat is best for supporting your immune system and ensuring the best possible source of protein.

▶️ Point-counters can wax lyrical about the ease of tracking food intake and the flexibility associated with cheat days or meals.

▶️ Intermittent fasters celebrate eating anything and everything they want - perhaps just not quite when they or their family might want it!

However, scare tactics can't work if you're better informed and remember that a plan that seems too good to be true is usually exactly that!

Before you embark on any eating or nutrition plan, first of all, ask yourself a few questions.

What do you want to achieve? How realistic is your goal? Who, or what, are you doing it for?

Then, investigate all aspects to a healthy diet before deciding the right plan for you. Anecdotal opinions from friends and internet personalities are not relevant.

Then, check your chosen diet against these key questions

✅ are the foods I eat nutritious?

✅ am I getting enough or too much energy?

✅ are the foods mostly unprocessed?

✅ do I enjoy these foods?

✅ can I easily prepare these foods?

✅ can I sustain the eating plan long term?

Each of us is totally unique, so no single nutrition plan can ever be ideal for everyone on a long term basis.

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