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Lunchtime Fillers with Gary and Karen. personal trainer and nutritionist. Lunctime training
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Have you fallen into the trap?

Work's so busy that you can barely manage to grab a sandwich at your desk?

You're working from home and never seem able to take a break?

It's easier to order a take away on the app than to make something? 

You tend to eat the same old, same old ..... every single day?

or is it ......  What lunch, I barely have the time?


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What about your fitness?

Do you struggle to find the time to workout? 

Has working from home got you out of your gym habit? 

Do you have good intentions but lack a little motivation?

Maybe it's been a while and you're not sure where to start?

     Studies show that taking a lunch break can:

  • reduce feelings of stress and anxiety

  • increase your energy levels

  • help you to process and retain information

  • encourage your creative side

  • improve your problem solving and decision making

  • help you cultivate generally healthier habits

  • help you be more productive

    Getting in a lunchtime work out can:

  • improve your work-life balance 

  • invigorate you for the afternoon

  • give you a mood lift

  • add variety to your training 

  • help regulate your blood sugar levels

  • and prevent dreaded afternoon slump

  • save you getting up early to exercise

  • and free up your evenings

   Eating the right lunch can:

  • re-energise your body 

  • balance and regulate your blood sugars 

  • prevent the afternoon slump

  • remove your afternoon sugar cravings

  • keep your metabolism revving 

  • help regulate your appetite

  • generally improve your food choices

  • refuel your body with essential nutrients

Every Monday & Wednesday
at 1pm 

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Join us for a 30 minute online workout that will:

  • consist of primarily body-weight exercises 

  • require minimal equipment

  • be varied and include a mix of high intensity (HIIT) and strength training to improve your fitness, stamina, strength, and flexibility

  • be delivered via Zoom - no travel time required!

  • soon be  your very favourite way to get 2 of those  recommended 5 x 30 minutes of exercise per week


Then enjoy your tasty pre-prepared or quick-to-prep lunch. We'll send you a different healthy lunch recipe every week that will 

  • burst with flavours,

  • refuel you post-exercise

  • help power you through the afternoon

  • be delivered to your mail box on the Friday before your training

  • with an ingredient list and note that you can prepare in advance

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Payment is by monthly subscription for the CALENDAR month.
Karen Lawther and Gary Lawther. A husband and wife team combining nutrition advice with personal training

Karen & Gary 

Hey there,


We're Karen and Gary, a husband and wife partnership specialising in personal training, and nutrition and health coaching.

We are passionate about helping our clients get healthier, fitter and to feel better than ever about themselves. We're all about encouraging and supporting you to build consistent and healthy habits to get the results you want.


That's why we're inviting you to make the most of your lunchtimes by committing to train with us on a Monday and Wednesday and enjoying a health sustaining post work out lunch.

We hope you can join us!

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Are you up for it?

Achieving optimal health and fitness is not an exact science and the combination of exercise and input to achieve desired results may vary from individual to individual. Following lifestyle, fitness, nutrition and general health tips or programmes contained on this website/blog does not guarantee that you will achieve the desired results or that you will look like images that might be posted on this website/blog.

Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise or diet programme.

This programme is delivered by Karen Lawther NLC and 3F Personal Training

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