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Personalised Meal Plans 

Tailored meal plans, with supporting recipes, to deliver on all your nutrition goals 

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Chopping Vegetables

A bespoke 7 or 14-day meal plan designed, with and for you, to help achieve your nutrition and dietary goals.

Ideal for

  • improving the nutrient content of meals, 

  • assisting with weight management or a weight loss programme,

  • general health optimisation,

  • better supporting training performance, or a stressful lifestyle, 

  • simply increasing the range of food choices and flavours. 

They are also a very accessible way of  better understanding your portion sizes.

It's really important that you have a plan that you can enjoy! 

That's why your plan is created in partnership with you and will reflect your personal food preferences and your desired goals. 


Where you currently sit on your nutritional journey will often dictate the pace of your dietary change, so this will be a key part of designing your programme.

All plans are fully supported with recipes that will compliment your lifestyle choices, consider your cooking skills, the foods you like and any intolerances as well as the time you have available for food preparation. They also come with an ingredients list to help you with your shopping list. 

Meal plans can be provided as a stand-alone service and will require the completion of a short questionnaire. 

Whilst one week and two week plans can be repeated indefinitely, it's a good idea to keep adding variety. This is nutritionally beneficial as well as preventing you from getting horribly bored with your food!    


Instead of investing in another 7 or 14 day plan, why not move onto an Evergreen Plan?

At the end of your initial plan, you will receive four additional recipes every fortnight (two for dinner and two for either breakfast or lunch). Depending on your goals, these recipes may be replacements for existing meals (eg. where we are tracking your weight loss) or may be used to simply add variety.   

Evergreen Meal Plans

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