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Meet Karen


"I found the whole experience very rewarding.


Karen challenged me at every session .... but in a really good way!"                                                                                                Joyce                                                                                                               

Qualifications and Professional Memberships



The Institute of Health Sciences and Crossfields


  • Diploma Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

  • Certified Personalised Sports Nutrition Coach

  • Certified Plant Based Diets Coach 

Member of the UK Health Coaches Association

Member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners                                                                               

My Story
I think I've probably been on some form of diet programme or health regime for pretty much all of my adult life.
I've tried just about every fad diet that's out there at some time - low carbs, no carbs, points-based, soup based, meal replacements .... and every time, I've ended up giving in to the cravings and not only abandoned the diet but often regained more weight than I originally lost!
It's taken me a long time to recognise that I never really ever needed a diet - at least not in the way we all tend to think of diets.           
Perhaps more importantly, I now also understand how my former lifestyle choices affected my general health. A successful corporate career meant long working hours, heightened stress levels and irregular exercise. My inability to say "no" also negatively impacted my sleeping patterns, energy levels, and my overall health.  
I truly believe that
  • nutrition is only part of your health story - sleep, movement and stress are equally important factors 
  • we can all benefit from investing more time in ourselves
  • you can improve your general health 
  • it is never too late to make a positive change
  • except for a very small minority of people, non-personalised weight loss diets, alone, simply do not work over the long-term
  • the changes that are most impactful over time are small, incremental and easy to implement.
Let me show you how!

Nutrition Analysis

Meal Planning

Weight Management

Lifestyle Coaching

Sports Nutrition


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