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Nutrition & Fitness Programmes

While most weight management goals CAN be delivered through nutrition or diet interventions (who's heard the saying "abs are made in the kitchen"?), exercise plays a vital role in your sustainable, long-term health.


For this reason, we recommend that you commit to a regular fitness programme. How that looks will vary from one individual to another and will be dependant on your current level of fitness, ability, health status, and long term goals.   



Shape Up & Shine Playbook Headers (4).png

Your one-to-one coaching programme is tailored to suit your individual needs. It considers your current health and activity levels, your fitness goals, and your appetite for change. 


One-to-one nutrition and fitness coaching is for you:

  • If you have weight loss or body transformation goals

  • If you want a structured programme to follow

  • If you would benefit from the full support of a PT and nutrition coach

  • If you want to be held accountable

You'll receive: 

  • Help with your health and fitness goal setting - day one and on-going

  • Nutritional guidance to support you with those health goals

  • Tailored meal plans and prep guides

  • A training programme tailored to your individual needs and goals

  • Training in person, or online if preferred 

Click the button below to request a free 30 minute consultation and find out how we could help you on your health and fitness journey  


Jayne - satisfied client, Sahpe up and shine. Testimonial

This is the programme for you If you want to

  • get back into a regular pattern of training, 

  • lose a few pounds to kickstart your weight loss journey, or 

  • get into that perfect special occasion outfit.

The programme is designed to improve your energy levels and

reconnect you with your health and fitness ambitions.


The Shape Up & Shine Project combines tasty, health supporting nutrition with 

3 pre-recorded training sessions per week to deliver a reduction in body fat,

an increase in cardio strength, overall strength and flexibility. 


Where weight loss is a goal, the programme will help with that too! 


This 4-week programme provides you with: 

  • a goal setting plan

  • weekly meal plans with delicious recipes

  • weekly shopping lists

  • 3 pre-recorded training sessions per week hosted by a qualified PT

  • support to tailor the training where required

  • accountability

  • daily motivation

  • an online portal for progress tracking

  • a private F/B page for support


"Mind and lifechanging is how I would describe it. Old held beliefs

were dashed and Karen introduced me to a sustainable healthy eating

and exercising regime which I relished, as did my body. I feel healthier,

have more energy, sleep better, think more clearly, and have even lost a

few unwanted pounds in the process. (the icing on the cake for me! 😀)
This has given me a firm foundation upon which to learn and build upon. 

Thank you so much Karen Lawther and Gary Lawther from

3F Personal Fitness for your support and wisdom.

100% recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to treat themselves well!" 

                                                                                                    ~Jayne S 


Click here to see additional information and testimonials.

Lunchtime Fillers (1500 x 788 px) (1).png


Lunchtime Fillers is designed to make your lunch hour work for you!

Your perfectly packed workout and lunch programme! 

Lunchtime Fillers is a streamed, bi-weekly 30 minute workout that:

  • consists of primarily body-weight exercises 

  • requires minimal equipment

  • is varied and includes a mix of high intensity (HIIT) and strength training to improve your fitness, stamina, strength, and flexibility

  • is delivered via Zoom - no travel time required!

  • will soon be  your very favourite way to get 2 of your recommended 5 x 30 minutes of exercise per week!


You'll also receive a different healthy lunch recipe, in advance, every week that:

  • is bursting with flavours,

  • will refuel you post-exercise

  • will help power you through the afternoon

  • is delivered to your mail box on the Friday before your training

  • with an ingredient list and prep note that you can prepare in advance

  • can be pre-prepared or is super-quick to make 


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