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Single or multi-session coaching to support you on the journey to deliver your best possible self 

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching


Your health and wellness is a complex and, often, a very emotive subject. Each and every one of us is totally unique and optimal health is not just about what we eat. 


How we sleep, how we react to stress, how much we move and how socially connected we are all can influence our physical and mental health just as much as what we eat. In fact, these lifestyle factors can all significantly impact on each other and are often referred  to as the 4 pillars of health.

Our backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, environments, lifestyle choices, medical history, and a multitude of other factors will impact on where we start and how we approach our journey towards optimal health. 

Because health goals are very rarely delivered by nutritional change alone, your NLC consultations are designed to look at how all these factors might be affecting your short and long-term health or potentially sabotaging your efforts to change.



Consultations may focus on some or all of the following lifestyle factors:

  •  Stress and anxiety levels 

  •  Sleep patterns

  •  Exercise and movement 

  •  Energy and vitality levels

  •  Weight management

  •  Digestive function 

  •  Hormonal imbalances

  •  Nutrition

  •  Meal planning 

Consultations will include:

  • Personalised nutritional analysis and specific nutrient breakdown 

  • Recommendations for practical and achievable dietary goals 

  • Suggested improvements relating to lifestyle choices

  • Meal and snack ideas to help fit in with your lifestyle and training.

  • Follow-up support via text, phone, Zoom, Skype or email.

Whilst directed by your desired goals, your NLC plan is always created around your personal food preferences, and your current appetite for change.


Where you are, now, on your nutritional and fitness journey will often dictate the pace of any dietary or other lifestyle change.

Because it's important that you have a plan that you can enjoy, your NLC plan is designed with you and is personal to you.

All plans are supported by recipes that will compliment your lifestyle choices, consider your cooking skills and the time you have available for preparing food.

FREE      15 minute

Fact Finding Call  

Initial Consultation              60 minutes       £55


with Diet Analysis Report      70 minutes       £65 


Standard Consultation          4minutes       £40 




Programme & Pricing Options

Initial Consultation (75 mins) - £65 (includes diet analysis report)

Consultations (45 mins) - £40

Commit to making change and seeing results by registering for one of the more popular packages. These are designed to provide you with the necessary tools and support to deliver on your desired goals.


A 4-week programme designed to help kick-start your journey to a healthier you. 

We will analyse your current diet and nutrition, sleeping patterns, energy levels, work-life blend and activity levels and, together, create a workable game changer plan that will help you into a happier, healthier place.

What you get: 

Initial Consultation (75 mins) 

Comprehensive Diet Analysis Report

Action plan and habit tracker 

2 Consultations (45 mins each) - weeks 2 and 4

One 7-day Meal Plan 

Supporting recipes

Relevant Fact Sheets 


Package Cost £185

(saving of £45 compared to non-packaged services)













An 8-week programme supporting you with setting short term goals and accountability for your health and fitness. 

We will analyse your diet and nutrition, sleeping patterns, energy levels, work-life blend, activity levels, personal goals and so much more with a view to creating, together, a workable goal-digger plan that will re-energise you and help you deliver on your health and fitness goals. 

What you get: 

Initial Consultation (75 mins) 

Comprehensive Diet Analysis Report

Action plan and habit tracker 

4 Consultations (45 mins each) - weeks 2, 4, 6 & 8

Two 7-day Meal Plans 

Supporting recipes

Relevant Fact Sheets



Package Cost £310

(saving of £50 compared to non-packaged services)




Goal Digger  (8 weeks)

Untitled design (5).png

Game Changer  (4 weeks)

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