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Online Programmes

If you like having information at your finger tips and are keen to learn at your own pace, then one of my on-line programmes might be just perfect for you!

These programmes are housed in my membership site and, while not personalised, they are fully supported by email and/or a private Facebook group. 

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This is the programme for you If you want to

  • get back into a regular pattern of training, 

  • lose a few pounds to kickstart your weight loss journey, or 

  • get into that perfect special occasion outfit.

The programme is designed to improve your energy levels and

reconnect you with your health and fitness ambitions.


The Shape Up & Shine Project combines tasty, health supporting nutrition with 

3 pre-recorded training sessions per week to deliver a reduction in body fat,

an increase in cardio strength, overall strength and flexibility. 


Where weight loss is a goal, the programme will help with that too! 


This 4-week programme provides you with: 

  • a goal setting plan

  • weekly meal plans with delicious recipes

  • weekly shopping lists

  • 3 pre-recorded training sessions per week hosted by a qualified PT

  • support to tailor the training where required

  • accountability

  • daily motivation

  • an online portal for progress tracking

  • a private F/B page for support

"Mind and lifechanging is how I would describe it. Old held beliefs

were dashed and Karen introduced me to a sustainable healthy eating

and exercising regime which I relished, as did my body. I feel healthier,

have more energy, sleep better, think more clearly, and have even lost a

few unwanted pounds in the process. (the icing on the cake for me! 😀)
This has given me a firm foundation upon which to learn and build upon. 

Thank you so much Karen Lawther and Gary Lawther from

3F Personal Fitness for your support and wisdom.

100% recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to treat themselves well!" 

                                                                                                    ~Jayne S  



Click here to see more testimonials and information


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Mindful Eating Guide (6).png

We can all be guilty of neglecting to eat properly.

Instead of choosing our food with care, preparing it and making the time to sit and enjoy it,

we grab on the run, eat at our desks, or while sitting stressed in front of the evening news. 

Most of us know the basics of good nutrition but do you know how to eat? If you ever eat because of stress, or boredom, because you're sad or feeling another emotion, then this guide is for you.



This 30-day guided programme will be particularly useful if you:


  • Have low energy or fatigue

  • Struggle with your weight

  • Label foods "good" or "bad"

  • Restrict your food

  • Or tend to overeat

  • Get stuck in the cycle of dieting

  • Eat emotionally - sadness, guilt, stress, fear, etc

  • Have IBS, bloating, gas, acid reflux or other digestive stress

You'll receive: 

  • 30 days of tools & practices to help you align with a more mindful eating approach

  • Additional support

  • Delivered via your own personal portal

  • To complete at your own pace 

There are some things about your metabolism that are out of your control ... 

but there are 5 BIG factors that you are able to manage.


You’ll be amazed at what a difference a few simple upgrades to your nutrition, your workouts,

and your lifestyle can make.


Within just a few days, you’ll not only learn how to fire up your metabolism help boost calorie burn

and accelerate your results …  but you’ll likely FEEL a lot better, have more energy, and improve your sleep too.

And it’ll all happen naturally.

Learn about 

  • how workouts can jumpstart your metabolism⁠

  • how stress impacts your metabolism - and steps you can take to manage it⁠

  • how sleep affects your body's ability to burn body fat⁠

  • easy steps you can take to fire up your metabolism immediately⁠

Over 5 days, you'll receive: 

  • Access to a personal portal to access all your learning

  • Metabolism boosting recipes and suggested workouts

  • Daily coaching emails showing you exactly what and HOW to fire up your metabolism

  • Daily action items and worksheets to help keep you on-track throughout

  • Access to private chat for support and accountability as you complete the challenge 

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