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Plant Based CPD

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

I’m excited to have just started a CPD course - The Fundamentals of a Plant Based Diet with Green Lemon Nutrition and the Institute of Health Sciences.

I'm particularly interested from a digestion perspective as studies by Rob Knight, professor at USCD and mIcrobiome expert indicate that people who eat more than 30 different plant sources per week had a greater diversity of gut mIcrobiome than those who ate less than 10. I've also just received a copy of "Eat Yourself Healthy," a new book by Dr Megan Rossi, the Gut Health Doctor, which looks at this very subject.

There's nothing like first hand experience. So, while training in Corfu (HMDS is almost on us!), I’ve made a real effort to eat more plant based meals. Because I’m already a salad fiend, it’s not been too much of a struggle to include extra legumes and a wider variety of veg.

We need to experience a new flavour 9-12 times before we like it

While I continue to try sauerkraut (right there in the middle of my plate!), I have to confess that, as good as it may be for your gut, fermented food is not for me! I will also have to admit, though, that it tastes a little better each time I try it.

Did you know that our tastes continue to change throughout our lives?

Even better, we also have the capacity to change our tastes. We need to experience a new flavour 9-12 times before we “like” it. So, if you don’t think you like vegetables, try introducing just a bite - every addition will help retrain your taste buds and, ultimately, improve your gut health.

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