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Is NOW your time to SHINE?

Need help kickstarting your weight loss journey?

Or shifting those extra few pounds? 

Keen to get back into a more regular exercise routine?

Or maybe you've got your eye on a special outfit?

Then be sure you read on, because the next

 4 weeks could be a turning point for you - and your health & fitness!

Yes -    you will get  results!

PLUS you'll have    the tools you need to stay on track!

This is NOT for you if you only want a 

quick-fix programme



 AND your results will be sustainable!

In just 4 weeks, with the Shape Up & Shine Project you will

  • boost your cardiovascular fitness

  • reduce your total body fat % 

  • increase your strength levels

  • kick start your weight loss

  • improve your flexibility

  • reduce your key body measurements 

Shape Up & Shine Playbook Headers_edited.jpg

No more wishing for a change.

No more waiting for the right time to start.

No more wondering "what if ......."

Take back control.

Dedicate the next 4 weeks to making a healthier, happier, more energetic you.

Get ready to SHINE!


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Karen & Gary 

Hey there,


We're Karen, founder of Karen Lawther NLC (see what I did there?!) and the 80:20 Club, and Gary, founder of 3F Personal Training.

As a Nutrition Coach and a Personal Trainer, we are both passionate about helping our clients get healthier, fitter and to feel better than ever about themselves. 

We're all about encouraging and supporting them to build the consistent and healthy habits that will get them the results they want.


Weight loss, strength, energy levels, stamina, food relationships .... we've successfully worked with hundreds of clients on their  goal-focused improvement, mindset and accountability.

That's why we are so confident that our Shape Up & Shine Project  can help you to deliver on your health goals too!

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12 x 45 minute Bodyweight Strength and Cardio Workouts


Meal Plans the whole family can enjoy


Full Tracking and Accountability Process

Daily intentions - designed to help you feel better about yourself and to take

responsibility for your health

Private Facebook group with daily guidance and support


Designed AND delivered by Qualified Fitness Professionals and Nutrition Experts


Tested and Proven Results

Book your place now - £79.99.png
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We're in this TOGETHER

Get healthier, fitter and prepare to SHINE!

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Because you are so worth it!

This is your life
This is your body
Make it your time to shine!

When you sign up, you'll get  

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October (4)_edited.jpg
October (4)_edited.jpg
October (4)_edited.jpg
October (4)_edited.jpg
Weekly meals plans (with foods you'll actually like!)

Grocery shopping lists

Tasty recipes to nurture and heal, including:

Amazing main and side dishes combining protein and healthy fats,

Delicious salads and wraps,

Healthy snacks,

Online support and daily motivation,

Goal setting and full accountability, 

45 minute workouts with a qualified PT to boost fat loss and increase your strength, cardio fitness & mobility.
3 sessions per week (you can attend live or catch-up with the recordings at a time that suits you) - and no equipment needed  

Are you ready?

Don't take our word for it!
Here are just a few comments from previous progamme participants:

"I exercise and eat quite well but was craving a routine. 

I've lost almost 4kg , I've loads more energy and  I'm sleeping better too.

Really enjoying the workouts!      Thank you."



"This programme was exactly what I needed. I used to exercise and eat well but let it all slip away.

I lost 7.5lbs during the 4 weeks.

I couldn't even believe it myself.

The food is really tasty and I'm actually enjoying cooking - I'm glad the recipes are simple to follow."



Book your place now - £79.99.png
Shape Up & Shine Playbook Headers (1).png

Achieving optimal health and fitness is not an exact science and the combination of exercise and input to achieve desired results may vary from individual to individual. Following lifestyle, fitness, nutrition and general health tips or programmes contained on this website/blog does not guarantee that you will achieve the desired results or that you will look like images that might be posted on this website/blog.

Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise or diet programme.

This programme is delivered by Karen Lawther NLC and 3F Personal Training

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