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Nutrition coaching to support you to deliver on your fitness goals

Sports & Performance Nutrition

When you're putting in the hours on your feet, in the gym, on your bike or in the pool its vital that you also focus on what's fuelling those sessions to ensure that you get the most out of your training. 

Perhaps even more important to remember is that, for tailored sports nutrition to be effective, it is essential that you start with getting your basic nutrition correct first.

Eating the right quantity of the right foods, at the right time can help you to

  • maximise the gains from your workout,

  • enhance muscle adaptation,

  • promote recovery,

  • achieve optimum body composition, and

  • improve overall performance 



Tailored to your personal goals, ambitions and current situation, sessions may include:

  • Training nutrition plan - how to best fuel your training to meet your goals and optimise your training.

  • Meal timing for optimal performance.

  • Race day nutrition planning - fuel and hydration strategies to prep your body in the run up to the event, support your performance on the day, and enhance post event recovery,

  • Safe weight loss planning for athletes whilst minimising the loss of lean body mass. 

  • Current research-based recommendations for macronutrient and micronutrient intake for athletes 

  • Correlation between nutrition quality and immune system function for athletes.

  • Supplementation considerations. 

Consultations will aim to provide:

  • Personalised nutritional analysis and specific nutrient breakdown  

  • Recommendations for practical and achievable dietary goals and targets.

  • Balanced nutritional plan to support these goals. 

  • Meal and snack ideas to help fit in with your lifestyle and training.

  • Follow-up support via text, phone, Skype or email.

Initial consultations are focused on your current nutrition level - your starting point, with recommendations for improving your core diet. Subsequent sessions will continue to focus on your core personal nutritional needs, building on that base, and making adjustments to better support your sporting goals.    


A minimum of two sessions is recommended with at least one follow up. 

FREE      30 minute

Introductory Session 

Initial consultation             1 hour               £60 


Standard Consultation      30 minutes        £30 



About Karen 

After suffering from a serious and debilitating back injury while playing squash, I was introduced to the concept of walking for health. It didn't take long for me to develop a real love for hiking and the outdoors. There's little more physically demanding and mentally restorative that a mountain hike!   

I'm also a keen runner who, as a late starter, really struggled with injuries in the first few years. It has been through experience, and nutrition and lifestyle change that I have learned to listen to my body, understand the art of appropriate challenge and goal setting,  and the impact of correct fuel both for optimal performance and recovery.


Perhaps my biggest lesson, and still a work in progress, is understanding the importance of rest and recovery. The benefits of a targeted recovery strategy cannot be overstated.

As well as regular parkruns and 10k races, I have completed a number of half marathons and twice completed the Half Marathon des Sables, a multi-stage, self-supported 120km ultra.

Prior to the pandemic, I had planned to complete my first road marathon and single day ultra in 2020 but they'll be there for me in 2021!  And the good thing about that is that I've been able to concentrate on my weight training this year ...... and that's bringing me all sorts of improvements! 




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