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Goal (1).png

Long-term, sustainable weight loss is about much more than simply eating less and moving more!


It's actually ALL about YOU! 


It's as much about understanding your own personal motivations as it is looking at your diet and lifestyle choices.

And, by lifestyle choices, I mean your sleep patterns, your stress levels, and your general movement and activity levels as well as any formal exercise you may already do. 



It's about about your goals, what you want to achieve, and how you see your future self.

It's about designing a plan and agreeing the actions you need to take, what habits you will cultivate and which you will leave behind.


It's about working out what support you need and what tools will be most beneficial to you.

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Weight Loss for Life Programme



Using a nutrition and lifestyle coaching approach,  we will work together to create your personal weight loss plan.

   This means that, together, we will build a programme around your lifestyle and food preferences,

your existing commitments, work and family life, your free time, cooking ability and your budget. 


We will ensure that you have the right nutrition to keep you feeling full and energised. 

It's NOT about a restrictive diet and it's NOT about feeling deprived.  

It's about taking achievable, agreed steps to improve your nutrition, your activity levels 

and any lifestyle choices that may also be holding you back.

We will work on building habits and applying the tools that will help you to 


  • Understand and DESTROY your food cravings

  • Recognise when you are really hungry

  • Finally get free from yo-yo dieting

  • Remove the need to count calories - EVER AGAIN!

  • Eat to satisfy your hunger without feeling deprived

  • Eat guilt-free and enjoy your food

  • Accept yourself, and your body, and better understand your key drivers

  • Stop using food as an emotional crutch

  • Maintain a healthy weight and truly love the body you're in!

Programme & Pricing Options

Initial Consultation (75 mins) - £65 (includes diet analysis report)

Consultations (45 mins) - £40

Silver Package (6 weeks)  - £250 

Gold Package (12 weeks) - £450           Click for more information 

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