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What They Said

Karen’s 80/20 club, for all that we get out of it is an absolute bargain. 3 full meal plans a month, shopping lists, recipes, easy to follow prep guides, weekly group chats with a nutritionist and life coach, and the support of each other. It’s never easy to change ingrained habits even when you KNOW they’re not doing you any good. If you’re thinking of trying to do something better for yourself I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Lauren McShane

Karen's 28 day programme has been a game changer for me. I saved time, saved on supermarket spending, saved on food waste and saved my brain cos I didn't have to think about anything! Lost a little weight, gained more energy and knew I was looking after my health, eating super tasty nutritious food all very carefully thought out and beautifully presented. Karen's very personal approach was the icing on the cake (although I didn't even feel the need for cake because the food was so satisfying!) You just know that Karen genuinely cares about all her clients and is there to support you. Lovely motivational and supportive emails with info on so much more than food & nutrition. Karen provides a huge wealth of information on the portal and Facebook group and working with her is a no brainer, she makes lives easier and healthier Added bonus, Gary's online workouts (3F Personal Training) which are part of the 28 day programme are fun and achievable and I never thought I would say that about working out! Thank you both.

Alison Smith

I’ve just completed the 28 day lockdown programme with Karen and it really gave me the motivation I needed to start shedding the extra weight I’ve gained over the last couple of years. Karen was great at keeping in contact and knew just the right things to say to keep me on track! The recipes were great and varied and I’d highly recommend Karen to anyone who wants to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

Helen Cunningham

Karen is an absolute star! Do not hesitate to contact her, your only regret will be you didn't get in touch sooner! 

Zoe Taylor

Karen is an absolute star! Do not hesitate to contact her, your only regret will be you didn't get in touch sooner!" 

Zoe Taylor

I have been awed at Karen's level of excellence and commitment throughout this programme. It's thorough, detailed and beautifully presented. Her daily emails are not only uplifting, encouraging and specifically targeted but they also reflect the genuine passion and care that she has for seeing people succeed and grow. Her approach is so relevant, relatable and personable, because she is authentic and real about her own challenges and how she overcomes them. She is a powerhouse of inspiration and knowledge and this programme really reflects that. I think that it's worth much more than what she is charging for it. The recipes are INCREDIBLE. Everything is absolutely delicious and I never once felt hungry. Its so much more than a programme... It's a lifestyle changer that helped me to take a good look at my WHOLE self, nutritionally, physically and mentally. I would HIGHLY recommend it to everyone I know! It's a 28 day programme that I want to do again... and again, and again! It's THAT good!

Lara Taylor
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